Assembly Tips & Product Use
Welcome to our product tips, assembly & usage Information Section. Select your product from the links below. Click on the product or kit name to see the tips page for it. Not all of our products have tips pages.

Accessory Kit #1  

 Animal Feed Shelter


Farm House /Hillbilly Shack

Trestle Bent & Trestle Options & Other Trestle examples including a curved trestle

Trestle Package #2

Trestle Package #3

Livery Stable

Prairie Farm House

Prairie Barn

Prairie Outhouse

Prairie Station

Trackside Shanty

Trackside Loading Platform

Wild Rose Saloon

Wild Rose Saloon Front

Susan's Dress Shop

Dress Shop Front

Barber Shop

Barber Shop Front

Sheriff's Office & Jail

Sheriff's Office & Jail Front

Country Church

General Store

General Store Front

Weekly Gazette

Telegraph Office

Bubbas' Gas Station

Lake Cabin

Crystal Palace Hotel

Assayers'/Land Office

Georges' Garage

Howe Truss Bridge

Bridge Abutment


Tunnel Portal

Tunnel Portal Side Wing Walls

Grand Junction Depot

Pony Truss Bridge

Grand Junction Platform

Grand Junction Bank

Grand Junction Saloon

Grand Junction Hotel & Brothel

Cedar Creek Covered Bridge

Cedar Creek Homestead

Cedar Creek Barn

General Buildng, Finish, Sealing & Painting Tips click here

Since we have retired you may print these tips pages for future use.  We will leave them up and available for a while, however they may be taken down sometime late 2019.

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